Landscaping Design & Installation

Landscaping adds value to a property. When we mention this, we mean so much more than dollar value. An obvious benefit is increased pride of ownership.

Hardscaping helps reduce dust and weeds. Proper drainage and retaining walls protect architecture. A wall can reduce noise. We are an outdoor community. Let us help you enjoy outdoor living in your backyard with a new patio, an outdoor kitchen or a place for your pets and children to play.

A well designed foundation provides the basis for all landscaping that follows. We are licensed contractors with a skilled crew. We are qualified to construct permanent hardscapes that can reduce maintenance as well as add aesthetic value to your property. Whether your property has very little elevation or is in a vertical rocky outcropping, we can work with you to create an interesting, functional landscape that will compliment your home or business architecture. We also enjoy completing ideas that have been designed by others.

Here is a partial list of the landscaping services we provide in the Prescott area: sod and lawns grown from seed, new plantings, barbecues, fireplaces, vegetable gardens, water features, driveways, patios, retaining walls, stone work, irrigation, large boulders, gravel and so much more.

View some examples of completed landscaping projects.

Does the landscape that surrounds your residential or commercial property need improvement? Tell us all about your landscaping ideas, renovation plans, irrigation system or landscape installation requirements. Call Jeff's Landscaping & Yard Service toll-free at (877) 820-0863 or Request a Quote directly from our website.


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